You might find some answers below. But if you don't, send us an email and we'll respond ASAP:

If you would like to speak to us at Anova, include your phone number and we'll be happy to give you a call.


Creativity, Clarity of Communication and Regional Specificity seem vague for judging criteria. Can you be more specific?

Gladly. The following details around judging criteria are laid out in the official rules:

I'm submitting an unbelievably great idea. Who's going to own this thing once I click "submit"?

You do. Ownership of all the submitted materials and IP associated with them remains with the entrant. You do grant Anova Furnishings consent to use the submitted materials for promoting the company. The details are in the Official Rules. If you have more concerns about this, shoot us an email.

Why are you awarding 21 grants? That's an odd number.

At Anova, we think Landscape Architecture has the potential to dramatically shift our society in a positive direction. Accelerating that impact requires bold moves and one, two or three awards won't get the job done. We also are excited by the diverse nature of practicing landscape architects, but it's hard to appreciate the diversity of a population when you pick a very narrow cross section with a couple awards. It's our hope that by expanding the number of recipients to 21, the inherent diversity of landscape architecture is realized. Lastly, "even" just hasn't treated us well at roulette.

What are you doing to keep the judging fair?

We've set up a system that will keep the judging fair. The entry submitted closest to the closing date (5/31/2016) by each participant will be assigned a number. We'll disregard any prior entries from the same participant. For each entry with a number judges will receive the short summary, long description, image and the city and state of the entry. The city and state are a necessary addition due to the judging criteria of regional specificity. All submissions will be stripped of the owner's name and company before being submitted for judging. Judges will be automatically recused from entries where the participant works in the same organization as one of the judges.

Why do you care where I work?

It helps us keep the judging fair. Judges will be automatically recused from entries where the participant works in the same organization as one of the judges. Our judges love the people they work with and happily admit to being intrinsically biased towards their co-workers. To level the field, if you work where any of our judges work, they won't see your entry. It'll be scored by the remaining two and the results will be normalized to be on level footing with all the entries getting judged by all the panelists.

Is this some kind of marketing trap where I’ll be subjected to Anova spam for all eternity?

No. (Though our spam IS tastier than all the rest.) We will not use any of the information submitted to this competition for marketing purposes. If you get to know us through this competition and want to get on board, you’ll need to register here on our main website. If you happen to start receiving Anova marketing materials on or about the same time it’s because our marketing team sussed out another brilliant Landscape Architect desperately in need of great site furnishing options.

I have tons of great ideas. How many times can I enter?

Once. We’re only going to review one entry per participant. Much of this competition is about focus and clarity. We’ve found this link to be a helpful tool when our minds are muddled with too many great ideas: Let your one best entry percolate to the surface and send it our way.

Dang it! I thought I had my Zen on, but I woke up this morning with a better idea. What do I do?

No problem. Just submit your new idea. We’ll disregard any prior entry. The judges will only review your most recent entry submitted closest to the 5/31/2016 11:59pm deadline.

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