How do I know if I am eligible to apply?
Applicants must first be nominated by a current licensed professional landscape architect.
Nominated candidates must have a LAAB-accredited degree in landscape architect, and meet their applicable state requirements to sit for the Landscape Architect Registration Examination. Visit http://www.clarb.org/take-the-exam/check-eligibility to view individual state requirements.

What information do I need to provide on the grant application?

Can you explain the judging criteria?
Winners will be selected by our judging panel made up of three licensed landscape architects who will evaluate each nomination form and application. Winners will be selected using the following criteria:

Technical Presentation (30%)

Content (70%)

How are the grants awarded?
Grant winners will be notified in February 2019, and publicly recognized on the Anova website and on social media. Each award will consist of $1,000 that must be used to fund, in part, his or her Landscape Architect Registration Examination during 2019.

$500 will be awarded to each winner upon receipt of exam registration. The remaining $500 will be awarded after receipt of passing one section of the exam. If a winner does not pass one section of the exam in 2019, the remaining $500 will not be awarded.

What if I fail the exam?
If you do not pass the exam in 2019, you will not receive the second payment of $500. You will only receive the initial $500 awarded upon receipt of your exam registration.

If you fail, you may choose to re-take the exam, and you may receive the second payment upon receipt of passing exam grade in 2019. You would be responsible for any costs associated with re-taking the exam, however.

When do I need to take the exam?
To receive the award, the exam must be taken during 2019. To register, visit:

How many sections of the exam do I need to pass?
The L.A.R.E. is made up of four (4) sections. To receive the second payment of $500, you only have to pass one (1) section in 2019.

I’ve been nominated. How do I submit my application?
You should have received an email from Anova that explains the application process. If you did not receive an email, please contact us at 2019LAREgrant@anovafurnishings.com and we will provide those instructions.

Still have questions? Email us at 2019LAREgrant@anovafurnishings.com.