Eligible candidates can enter to win a $1,000 grant to fund his or her Landscape Architect Registration Examination during 2019. Ten grants will be awarded.

Candidates must be nominated by a licensed landscape
architect to be eligible to apply. See Official Rules.

In order to provide a grant application, Anova must receive a nomination from a licensed Landscape Architect. Once we receive an eligible nomination, we will reach out to the candidate and ask him or her to formally apply for the grant.

Current licensed professional landscape architects can nominate one individual who meets the following two requirements: eligible candidates must have an LAAB-accredited degree in landscape architecture, and meet the state board requirements. Click here to view individual state requirements for eligibility.

Nominations will be accepted between:
October 19 - November 30 (11:59p CST)
Grant applications will be accepted between:
November 30 - January 4 (11:59p CST)

Nominees will be required to submit personal information and answer
the following essay question, in 500 words or less:

How have your experiences with the profession and the places shaped by it demonstrated the value of licensure for landscape architects? And, how has this impacted your progression in the profession?

Learn more about the application on the FAQ page.

The winners will be selected by our judging panel made up of three licensed landscape architects (below) who will evaluate each nomination form and application. Winners will be selected using the following criteria: Technical Presentation (30%) and Content (70%). Learn more about the judging criteria on the FAQ page.

Judge Judge Judge

Cody Axness

Bill Eubanks

Marissa McKinney

Flad Architects
Madison, WI
Click for bio

Seamon Whiteside
Charleston, SC
Click for bio

Coleman & Associates
Austin, TX
Click for bio

Anova believes in the power of landscape architecture to help solve some of the most significant challenges facing our society, such as stabilizing our climate and increasing mutual understanding across diverse members of society.

With support from the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB), Anova created this grant program to help individuals achieve the legal recognition of becoming a licensed landscape architect. Anova believes by giving back to support the licensure of landscape architects, we are helping to advance the profession. The importance of licensure, sometimes under threat of deregulation, holds landscape architecture to the high standards it has established to be leaders in the professional design community.

Similarly, at Anova the concept of quality encompasses design excellence, first-class materials, and advanced manufacturing techniques that yield beautiful furnishings built to last. Our commitment to excellence and quality extends beyond our operation to supporting our partners in the landscape architecture community in their own strive for excellence. The Landscape Architect Registration Examination (L.A.R.E.) evaluates core values of landscape architecture – the ability to protect the public’s health, safety and welfare.

Each award will consist of $1,000 that must be used to fund, in part, his or her Landscape Architect Registration Examination during 2019. $500 will be awarded to the selected 10 winners upon receipt of exam registration. The remaining $500 will be awarded after receipt of passing one section of the exam. If a winner does not pass one section of the exam in 2019, the remaining $500 will not be awarded. Winners will be publicly recognized on the Anova website and on social media. Learn more about the award and payment on the FAQ page.

Visit our FAQ page or email us at 2019LAREgrant@anovafurnishings.com.

See full details on the Official Rules page.