Beautiful community spaces


Incorporate these features to attract visitors to your natural landscape.
Beautiful community spaces
Incorporate these features to attract visitors to your natural landscape.

Functionality, safety and durability are critical factors to consider when designing an outdoor community space. Beauty is, too.

People visit parks to surround themselves with pleasing, natural landscapes. On a nice day, apartment complex residents want to take advantage of the beautiful courtyard outside and soak in the sun.

Outdoor spaces that look run down don't attract visitors. People may avoid such areas completely. Incorporate these outdoor area design strategies into your landscaping plans to improve your community spaces.

Incorporate a water feature

From stone water fountains to ponds, you can incorporate a water feature into your outdoor space in numerous ways. Water features help create a calm environment where people can go to relax.

Restore natural beauty with native plants and grasses

There's no better way to improve landscaping than with plants, grasses and flowers. When selecting species, consider native varieties that are easy to maintain and require little maintenance. This will help you avoid using pesticides.

Encourage cleanliness with bins for waste and recycling

Visitors are more likely to pick up after themselves if waste bins are conveniently located. If you're designing a large park, be sure to place waste and recycling bins in numerous spots throughout the area so people can find them easily.

Invest in sustainable solutions to maintain your space

Sustainable design preserves the natural appeal of your outdoor space, and it helps ensure lasting beauty. Recycled materials and permeable pavement are two great ways to incorporate sustainable solutions into your design plan.

Provide seating for visitors who wish to relax and enjoy the view

Why work hard to design a beautiful community space if people can't enjoy it? Design public seating that encourages visitors to stop and take in the incredible view.

Welcome the community to stop and spend time in your outdoor space by enhancing its beauty and appeal. These simple tips will improve the landscaping and encourage more visitors.


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