Formal programming


How to accommodate visitors at public events and attractions.
Formal programming
How to accommodate visitors at public events and attractions.

Whether it’s live music on a warm summer night, or a community play by the local theater company, formal programming is a great way to attract visitors to parks and other community spaces. When a park offers numerous attractions and things to do, it draws people in for community and companionship.

Town squares, urban parks and green spaces can serve as hubs for entertainment. With a stage for performances, concerts, plays and workshops, you can create a calendar of events to attract people to your space all year long. These spaces can become a go-to for city presentations and events.

The first step is designing a public space that accommodates all ages, and allows for multi-function usage. Your space should include:

A stage for presentations, music and performances

Where will the performances and concerts take place?

Shelter from both sun and rain

You never know what the weather will bring. On hot summer days, park goers will want to escape the heat. And there should always be a backup plan in case of rain.

Plenty of seating

Choose a shape, style and material that works for your space. With plenty of open space to work with, you could include a combination of benches, and tables & chairs in the audience for the convenience of your guests.

An adequate number of trash receptacles

Keep the space free of litter with accessible trash bins and recyclers.

Lighting and access to power

Your performers will likely need a place to plug in their music equipment, lights and any other materials they might need.

Bring your community together by giving them the opportunity to celebrate the arts. Reveal the potential of your park with these design tips.


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