Environmental Consciousness

Anova has been creating environmentally friendly products since 1970. To meet our customers’ expectations for high-design, high-quality products that also help them achieve their sustainable goals, Anova adheres to the following practices:

  • Offering items that contribute to LEED certification
  • Adopting environmentally sustainable processes and items
  • Utilizing a high degree of recycled materials when possible
  • Accelerating development of items which utilize recycled materials
  • Increasing the number of offerings that encourage recycling

Recycled Materials

Our recycled plastic lumber has a 95% recycled content by weight with at least 90% of that coming from post consumer content. This recycled plastic lumber does not emit or contain any VOC materials, and is considered to be low or non-toxic. On average, the steel used in our products is made of 70% recycled material and our aluminum extrusions are 85% recycled material.

Renewable Materials

Anova is committed to creating high-design, fine-quality products that also help customers achieve their goals in sustainability and LEED certification. We offer products that feature carefully selected mature bamboo - the most renewable resource on the planet. Bamboo grows faster and straighter than any known tree species, reaching the degree of its size in height and circumference in its first or second year of life. Only bamboo chosen for optimal hardness and strength is used to engineer into planks using low V.O.C. adhesives.

LEED Certification

Bike racks enable specifiers to obtain LEED certification and credit requirements for their projects that qualify as "Alternative Transportation, Bicycle Friendly Site Planning". Smoking control products provide credits in the "Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control" category by allowing means to locate smoking areas a safe distance from entrances and other non-smoking places. Anova also contributes to LEED certification credits by manufacturing products out of recycled metals, plastics and bamboo.

Recyclable / Long Lasting Products

The metals and plastic used on Anova products not only contain recycled content, but can be recycled, as well. The natural wood and stone material found on various products in the line can also be recycled. Many of our products break down into components to make recycling easier. Anova designs products with high quality, low maintenance materials and finishes. For example, products with our exclusive proprietary Fusion Advantage coating clean without chemicals and still maintain a durable, high-gloss look. Most importantly, our products are built to last a very long time. Going well beyond the 5- or 7-year warranty, many customers have had our products in service for more than 20 years. That long life translates into minimized environmental impact.

Environmentally Sustainable Processes and Systems

Anova is constantly working to improve efficiencies in our production processes to reduce both energy consumption and scrap. In 2007, we changed from anodized coating to polyester powder coating in order to reduce pollutants created during the coating process. We also added reclaiming filters to our powder coating lines which reduce the amount of wasted material. Anova manufacturing locations are centrally located in the Midwest. Nearly all product components come from suppliers less than 200 miles from our facilities. A majority of products ship to job sites within a 500 mile radius of one or both of our locations. Most Anova products ship in recyclable cardboard and/or recycled skids.


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